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C. Spencer Morris


“I don’t particularly like dogs”, I would secretly confess to people close to me. Seems ironic since 30 years ago I gave up drawing the human figure to draw a certain couple of dog breeds. The armature of an Italian Greyhound was as interesting and challenging as the human figure. A veterinarian friend once asked me if I would like a dog eye that was to be discarded from a surgery because there are just so many questions when attempting to draw that eye.


My relationship with my own dog now that I no longer have children to dote on and snuggle has changed. She is loved. But, she is the perfect model for what I am trying to connect with in my work. The breed most prevalent in my drawings in neither elegant nor noble looking but more humble and common.


Dogs, or any animal, bring out our unquenchable ability to humanize them. We seem to not be able to avoid casting our humanness onto our dogs. This anthropomorphism is the attraction for me.


My drawings and monotype images are the alphabets to illustrate that relationship and that projection invites a relationship to the broader dilemma of our human selves. Words are as much a part of drawing and printing as the imagery. It all carries the story of every man or woman faced with the ridiculousness of social inadequacies and government and politics and medicine and pain and inevitable death.


Bob Snider


Bob was an art and business major at Ouachita Baptist University and following his MBA at the University of Arkansas had a thirty-year career as an investment banker. In his first job as Press Assistant to Senator John L McClellan, and throughout his career in banking, Bob always found a way to use his artistic talents.  In 1995, he took a beginning water media class at the Arkansas Arts Center and had early success as a watercolorist.  He is a signature member of Mid-Southern Watercolorists and served as President of that organization.  In 2005 he chaired a biblically-themed arts festival for Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock and served as consultant to churches in Dallas, Nashville, Milwaukee and other cities in a ministry entitled "Art By Faith".


Bob found the principles he learned in watercolor set him up nicely to become an oil painter.  "The use of oils, especially for horse racing scenes, can produce bigger, more vibrant and exciting works full of texture and excitement", said Bob in a recent article.  His horse racing paintings can be found in galleries from Palm Springs, Ca, to Vail, Colorado, and Seaside, Florida.  You can see his demos in oil and watercolor on his website, "".


Evan Lindquist


Lori DeYmaz


Gene Sparling


Mary Garrett


Amber E Lea