Thursday, Mar 23, 2017

Pulaski & Perry County CASA is thankful for our advocates. Our Advocate of the last quarter is Tanya Nugent. When Tanya Giron Nugent was asked to share about being a CASA she stated the following. I was aware of CASA for many years, and always thought it was something I couldn't do because fo my work schedule. A friend in CASA invited me to an informational meeting where I learned that CASA could be flexible and allow me to take on duties that matched my availability, so I decided to attend the training. After training, I was paired with my friends as a shadow, so I became somewhat familiar with the cases he was carrying. I ended up taking on two of his cases and was able to work visits and court appearances into my schedule until retirement. I've been a CASA for almost 3 years and have found it to be very challenging, but also very rewarding. The kids aren't always happy to see me, because teenagers are wary, and children don't like their play or naps being disrupted, but when a teenager hugs me or a young child runs to me with outstretched arms, it makes me so glad that I'm an advocate. The CASA staff have been so supportive, giving me the right guidance and direction and sometimes needed correction. I've been able to see a teenage boy get the permanent placement he preferred (with his foster mom), a little girl get proper testing to diagnose a medical problem and two precious children be adopted by a loving family. I've been able to meet some amazing foster, respite and adoptive parents and come to appreciate the difficult jobs of the caseworkers, attorney's and judges. But mainly I'm so fortunate to meet the amazing children who stability, love and guidance, in other words a normal childhood.

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