Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mike Haigh was chosen as our Advocate of the 4th Quarter. Mike goes above and beyond in every thing he does for his CASA youth. We are very blessed to have him as part of the CASA team. Below mike wrote a bit about why he is an advocate and who he is personally. 

I chose CASA as my choice to volunteer because I saw an advocate work in the life of a child who my daughter and son-in-law were fostering. He is now my grandson. Very proud of him. I believe even stronger now that an advocate for a child whose life has been majorly disrupted and who is in some degree of grief can be helped significantly by a person whose primary goal is to speak for the child – to look out for his or her best interests, to see they get a fair shake, are well cared for and not forgotten by an adult system that is overloaded. The child first. I also continue to be an advocate because, in most cases, I can help mom and dad with putting their lives back together for the good of their child and for their family’s good. 

A smile on a child’s face when they see their advocate come in the door and the hugs they give – even the big kids – all remind me of the love all of us need. But especially a child – especially a child. None of these children volunteered for the situation in which they find themselves. I often think of my own children and grandchildren when they were the age of my CASA child. It is sad. But sad can become “ok” and ok can become “better” and better can become JOY. 

A child back with mom and dad is JOYFUL!! A child placed with loving adoptive parents when he or she cannot go back to mom or dad is JOYFUL!!
I love bringing joy to a child.

I have been married to Linda for 51 years.  We have four wonderful children and eight relatively perfect grandchildren. Two of our children and seven of our grandchildren live in NLR with two children and one grandchild living in northwest Arkansas. We are involved in church life serving as leaders of our small group. Linda teaches preschool children and I am involved in a ministry focused on an economically and spiritually disadvantaged area of North Little Rock. As a CPA, I spent 36 years in public accounting serving most of those years as an audit partner with Deloitte & Touche an international accounting and consulting firm.