Inexpensive Family Fun

Sisters in pink dresses sitting in the grass

Inexpensive Family Fun

Are you feeling stuck in a rut on how you spend your family time?  In March and April when COVID-19 first had us locking ourselves inside, did you do lots of fun activities?  But now, you’ve resorted to unlimited screen time?  Maybe the extreme heat has your family stuck inside and cabin crazy.  The families we work with are experiencing the same struggle.  Here are some ideas from our CASA team to help you make family time more interesting.

  • Have an art contest.  Sure, you may not have an artistic bone in your body but that is part of the fun.  Choose a subject for everyone to do their own take on – such as a monster, alien, farm animal, or airplane.  Then have fun comparing everyone’s work and maybe a few laughs too!
  • Nature art is a fun activity.  If the temperatures don’t allow long stretches outside, you can gather your supplies and bring they inside to work with.  Use sticks, leaves, flowers, stones, and other bits of nature to make interesting patterns and designs.
  • Have you slacked off on family game night?  Maybe Monopoly and Pie in the Face has lost its appeal.  There are tons of games that can be played with just a deck of cards.  Google age appropriate games for your family that just require a standard deck and have a little bit of simple fun.
  • Create family stories.  One of my family’s favorites is what we call the “2 Sentence Story”.  We simply take turns telling a story two sentences at a time.  The story  always takes lots of twists and turns as each person puts their spin on the tale.
  • Make popsicles!  It’s hot and they are the perfect treat to cool off with.  If you don’t have popsicle molds, use an ice cube tray.  Kool-Aid, juice, or even soda can make for a tasty treat.  Kids enjoy picking out their own flavors, although they may have a hard time being patient as they wait for their treats to freeze.
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt.  You can do this activity inside or outside if the weather permits.  Simply make a list and start hunting.  You can even make this educational and age appropriate – such as find something that is pink, or begins with the letter “b”, etc.
  • Cook together.  Plan a meal together and let everyone have a part in making it happen.  Then enjoy your efforts in a unique way.  If you always eat at the kitchen table, shake it up and have a picnic in the middle of the floor.  If you usually eat in front of the television, set your fanciest table and dine in style.  Just make it an “event” for your family.
  • Ever heard of grounding?  Not the kind that is used as a punishment! It’s a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that reconnect you to the earth.  Take your shoes off and walk around barefoot in your yard.  Look for bugs or pick flowers or watch the sunset. 

These are just a few ways to shake up your family time, build memories, and connect with each other.  Help us continue the list by sharing your ideas in the comments.

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